Weekend Pop-up Classes!

Maggy Wang

Maggy Wang

That’s right, we will be launching our weekend pop-up classes beginning April 2019 and here are FOUR reasons why you should join us.

1. Fun & Dedicated Coaches

L-R: Coach Rhenu, Farzan, Joseph, Maggy

Our fun and dedicated coaches will be there to assist you along the way. We often get enquiries like “I’m not fit enough, can I still come?”. Of course you can! That’s the whole point of the class. Our internationally certified coaches will guide and help you with your movement and postures. Don’t worry about your fitness level. We are all here to get better, together!

2. A Community

Be a part of a community where you can grow and motivate one another. You can come alone and meet new friends or you can always bring a friend along! You’ll learn something new in every class and all we ask is an hour from you! It will be fun, we promise!

3. Small & Focused Sessions

Yup! we are only limiting to 12 people per class because we’re aiming to preserve the quality of our sessions while giving as much attention as we can to our participants.

4. Post-workout Fuel

That’s right! Our participants will get an additional 10% off from Medifoods TTDI. We are a huge fan of their breakfast buffet. Perfect post-workout fuel!

5. There’s Something For Everyone

There will be 2 different sessions every Saturday and each class is at RM35 only.

If you prefer circuit style workout. Join our STRENGTH class that incorporates full body functional training with a wide range of exercises that aims to improve your mobility, balance, strength and power!

You can also give our ANIMAL FLOW class a try if you’re up for something different. Animal Flow is a ground based, body weight movement that will challenge your core strength, mobility and overall endurance. It’s a really fun way to challenge your body to move while working up a sweat!


Book your spot now at https://movewithmaggy.com/classes/ .Do note that refunds are only available if cancellation is made more than 48 hours (2days) prior to the class/session. To ensure you have a smooth booking process, do make sure you’re booking using an Internet wifi connection as mobile connections isn’t supported. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We look forward to see you very soon! Do drop us an email at movewithmaggy@gmail.com or slide in a DM on Instagram at @movewithmaggy if you have any questions.

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