The Team


Joseph Lee

Head Coach & Co-Founder

Being the Head Coach of Move with Maggy, Joseph is a firm believer in achieving your fitness goals through a systematic and scientifically proven approach. Specialising in corrective exercises, he helps his regular clients to restore their ability to move pain-free again and athletes to improve their performances while reducing their risk of injuries.

When he is not teaching group classes or coaching his clients, he is often seen competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu, acting, and taking instagram worthy photos for his girlfriend.


Maggy Wang

Coach & Co-Founder

Maggy lives strongly by the principle of “move better, live well & feel great”. She co-founded Move With Maggy with a vision to help individuals like yourself to live a healthier and better lifestyle.

Apart from coaching, she is also a radio personality and television host. Rest assured, her class will be super fun and energetic. Get ready for an action-packed sweat sesh!


Farzan Iqbal


The intern, passionate about fitness and health for the masses. The youngest member of the team, is also a doctor with a knack in the field of sports medicine and a strong advocate for a holistic approach to treating patients.

He can be found in gyms, basketball courts, creating media content, and assuming the role of a comedian on most days.


Rhenu Ravichandran


Rhenu has recently been certified as a personal trainer and is hungry to share her knowledge! With a strong passion for fitness and helping individuals feel great about themselves, her principle is achieving your fitness goals the right way!

Rhenu beliefs that with persistence, consistency and discipline you will be able to own your dream body! She’s a chemical engineering graduate who works in digital marketing with an undying love for food, fashion and fitness.


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