Health Myths Debunked!

Maggy Wang

Maggy Wang

Eating past 7 pm makes you fat, I’ll get abs if I keep doing sit-ups every day, carbs are bad for you, sounds familiar? We’ve all heard all kinds of health myths throughout the years but are they really true though?

Fortunately, no! (phew!) Let’s get into some of the most common health myths.


MYTH : Eating carbohydrates make you fat

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This myth is so common that each time you hear someone says “I’m going on a diet”, it usually follows with “I’ll just have some salad. I need to avoid carbs”. Carbs has been blamed as the culprit of obesity and weight gain for years. Truth is, our body needs carbs to function. That’s right, keyword – NEED. Hence, a healthy amount of carbohydrates is good for you! Instead of simple carbs like white rice and bread, opt for complex carbs such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta or wholemeal bread.


MYTH: An apple a day keeps the doctor away


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Since young, we were told that eating an apple a day will keep you healthy and strong. As much as we love apples, they’re not magic pills. Apples are packed with fibre and Vitamin C but that isn’t all we need to stay away from viruses and bacteria. When we fall sick, chances are it’s not because we haven’t had enough apples.


MYTH: Training a specific part of the body helps burn fat at that spotted area


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I want to have abs! I should do more crunches, the more I do, the faster I see results. Well, I hate to break it to you. Fat burning doesn’t really work that way. Spot training wouldn’t help burn fats in the specific area. If you do sit-up for instance, it will help strengthen your abdominal muscles but it wouldn’t help burn the fats at that specific spot. Your body burns calories when your heart rate increases. Therefore, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and cardiovascular exercises would be good options if you’re looking for lose some weight. Fats will be burned on a more even basis instead of just one specific part of the body.


MYTH: Eating past 7pm (dinner time) makes you fat

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I’ve heard this way too many times that if I collected a dollar each time someone says that, I would’ve gotten a jar filled with money by now. It doesn’t matter what time we eat but what we eat. Here’s how our body works. If you feed it with food, it will process it regardless of the time. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what time it is during the day that you eat, but as long as you’re eating the right foods – you won’t gain unnecessary weight.

There you have it.

Fun fact, the word, “myth” simply means “story” in Greek. These myths were spread because they sounded logical and believable but too often, they’re not backed by facts or science. Don’t have to worry about having to eat past dinner time or having carbs. Do everything in moderation and you’ll be just fine.

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