4 Simple Ways To Stay Active While On Vacation

Maggy Wang

Maggy Wang

Lo and behold, the holiday season is fast approaching!

Let’s be honest, we often neglect our fitness routine while we’re on vacation. After all, that is the whole point, right? It is called a VACATION for a reason. However, getting back on track after that long week (or weeks) of indulging and pigging out can sometimes be quite difficult and you’ll end up having to start from scratch again. So, here are a few simple ways to still stay active while you’re on your well deserved holiday! Don’t worry, we won’t make you do a HIIT class (unless you want to!).


Pack Some Lightweight & Easy To Carry Equipments


If you’re one of those people like our Head Coach Joseph, who cannot live a day without working out, these types of equipment are the best! Not only they’re super lightweight and easy to bring along, they definitely won’t take up too much of your luggage space.

MWM TIP: Resistance bands are the easiest and best for travels. There are so many ways you can work up a sweat with these mini bands!


Resistance bands, massage ball, mini foam roller


Access To Gyms


With platforms like Airbnb, you can now pick and choose the types of home that suits you. Pick a place that has easy access to gyms or are located to nearby local gyms or fitness centers. You’d be surprised that some of the listings even have more than just gyms, such as a heated pool that you could clock in your cardio even during winter time!

MWM TIP: Double check with your Airbnb host if there are any nearby gyms if there aren’t any in the building. From our experience, they’re always super accommodating and gives really quick responses!


Fully equipped gym with a view of Melbourne City
Heated indoor swimming pool



Choose To Walk Instead


Sure, public transports are efficient in most cities but there’s no better way to explore and take in a whole new place than on foot! Not only it’s completely free (a few dollars a day makes a lot of difference), you’d probably also discover new places you wouldn’t have otherwise found if you were taking a train, tram or Uber! Google Maps has a pretty accurate guide to show you the distance on foot and transportation. Always plan your journey ahead so you get to your destination on time!

MWM TIP: Pick a temporary home that has a strategic location in the city. You’ll tend to walk more when the places you need to visit (restaurants, museums, parks) are close by and easily accessible.



Get Moving!


After all, it’s all about what’s your priority. If staying active and fit is what you want, you’ll make time for it. A quick 20 minutes (or less) is all you need. We don’t expect you to go for a full one hour run on the treadmill or go crazy with a HIIT workout session, as long as you get moving, that’s more than enough! We have plenty of moves you can perform at the comfort of your own home, some doesn’t even need any types of equipment. Just you and your willingness to get moving! Check HERE for some moves!

MWM TIP: Pick a place that has sufficient space for you to move around.


Side Planks
Squats With Resistance Band


There you have it! 4 easy and extremely doable ways to still stay active while on vacation & your body will thank you when your holiday is over! If you ever plan to visit Melbourne, we’d highly recommend this listing that’s located in the heart of the city. Do share with us in the comments below if you have better tips to stay active or your favorite Airbnb! We’d love to hear from you!

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